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Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet Below the Chilean Desert

trapped_marc_aronson-thumbPublishers Weekly, June 13, 2011, Starred Review

Aronson marks the one-year anniversary of the collapse of a Chilean copper mine that entombed miners for more than two months with a riveting, in-depth recounting of the events that held the world rapt… Twelve short chapters with photos and diagrams keep the story well-paced as it alternates between above- and below-ground scenes, detailing the heroic efforts of the trapped men, their waiting families, and their rescuers, sometimes on an hour-by-hour basis. Extensive author and source notes, a bibliography, and suggested reading leave plenty for readers to explore.

School Library Journal, August 2011, Starred Review

Masterful storytelling brings to life a story that most think they already know; the 33 miners trapped in a Chilean copper mine for 69 days in 2010…. It was a gripping story then, and Aronson manages to make it even more exciting, more inspirational, and more personal, all by gathering pieces of the puzzle and showing how they fit together. Explanations of how the Earth’s formation and plate tectonics created the copper lines that are so valuable to the world today are a critical beginning. Filling them in with a brief history of metalworking and mining leads readers to the small, out-of-the-way mine in the Atacama Desert region. From there the story becomes as intriguing and suspenseful as any work of fiction; the miners’ struggle to survive below ground is juxtaposed with the frenzy of the work above ground by the mine officials, the government, and many others working to save the men. Detailed descriptions of the conditions that the miners endured and how they coped paint a vivid picture of just what an ordeal it was. The global response to the disaster was enormous, with organizations, governments, and individuals from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Japan offering resources and expertise to find a solution. Ample source notes, black-and-white photographs, websites, and a brief explanation of research methodology round out this must-have for any library.

The Horn Book Magazine, August 1, 2011, Starred Review

Much more than just a chronicle of the Chilean mining disaster of 2010, Aronson’s well-researched and riveting book gives readers the sense that they’re in the San Jose copper mine… Peppered with engaging quotes, the text is fluid and attention-grabbing.


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  1. JerryBrasington

    Im doing a project in school about the book Trapped and I need to know this question Why did you write this book?, what was your purpose/message of this book? please write back soon. :):):):):):):):):):)

  2. marc

    I am pleased that you are reading Trapped, but to answer why I wrote it, and my purpose/message there is no better answer than reading the book itself. Speaking as an author, a dad, and a college professor, I can tell you there is no shortcut — doing the assigned reading comes first, then you can turn to the author to ask further questions. I would be happy to respond to questions from you, your classmates or your teacher, but the first step is up to you.

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