Marc Aronson and Lee R. Berger (National Geographic, 2012)

Skull-In-The-Rocks_CoverFrom Kirkus Reviews:

A fascinating account of an Indiana Jones–style fossil hunter and how his discoveries have changed the way we see human evolution.

School Library Journal:

… a fine pairing of an impassioned personality and scientific achievement.

Bookends, a Booklist Blog:


“Slim, enticing and totally accessible, this is a book that will open eyes to the world around us and, perhaps, inspire a whole new generation of “Indies.”

A Book and a Hug:

The co-authors have given this photo- and imagined paintings-filled volume a fun, hands-on flavor by providing a number of series of captioned photos that demonstrate scientific processes utilized in the searching and evaluating of these new fossils.

Niagara Falls Review:


The fossils Berger discovered reveal what may be one of humankind’s oldest ancestors. The find has been hailed as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in history.

A CCBC Book of Choice, 2013

The discovery of astralopithecus sediba made the cover of Scientific American and Science, and is slated to be the subject of a TV special. But the first bone that led to many finds still taking place at a site near Johannesburg, South Africa was found by Matthew Berger, then nine-years-old. Here is the story of that discovery and the many doors it opened into understanding our human ancestry. Dr. Lee R. Berger, Matthew’s father, is leading the investigation of the fossil finds and shared all aspects of the process with Marc Aronson and his own son when they visited the site. Lee updates students on the latest discoveries at

The Skull in the Rock is available as a print book or as an enhanced ibook which includes videos and photos not in the printed edition.