by Marc Aronson Clarion Books

the_real_revolutionFrom Kevin Baker, columnist for American Heritage, author of Dreamland, and Paradise Alley:

The Real Revolution is a unique and dynamic look at the origins of the American Revolution. Seamlessly connecting events from India to the North American wilderness, Marc Aronson has created a brilliant mosaic that will fascinate and inform both young adults and their parents. This is history as it should always be written.

From John Peters, Booklist — starred review:

In another expert analysis of milestones in the formation of our country’s distinctive character, Aronson traces a complex social, political and economic dance that links Clive’s consolidation of the British East India Company’s power in India, the growing unrest in Britain’s North American colonies, and the often-shortsighted actions of a corrupt British Parliament.

What caused the American Revolution?

How did India become the “Jewel in the Crown” of the British Empire?

How are the histories of America, Britain, and India linked?

Marc Aronson’s new book answers these questions, and more.

Completing his trilogy on the colonial period, Aronson follows the trail of a simple question to a world of fascinating answers. In tracing out the reasons why the British sent the tea that the Americans tossed into Boston harbor, he discovered that the history of the English in India, and riots on the streets of London, were as important to the American Revolution as familiar protests in Boston or speeches in Virginia. Here is American History and World History combined – a picture of the past that perfectly matches our global present.