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Marc Aronson gives educational lectures that inspire young people and adults to ask questions, and discover new answers. Aronson has won many awards for his books for young readers and has a doctorate in American history. His lectures cover educational topics such as mysteries and controversies in American history, teenagers and their reading, the literary passions of boys, and always leave audiences asking for more.

Depending on need he can meet with individual K-12 classes, present to large assemblies, work with teachers, parents, administrators, or be embedded in a school for a longer stay in which he shares his work process and helps guide students in their research. He has crafted presentations around many of his books; a school interested in bringing him should look over his publications and see which area would be most useful. Because Dr. Aronson adapts his presentation to the particular needs of each school, he needs to know in advance the kind of events the school has in mind, the age of the students, the goals the school has for the visit, and what the students will be studying at the time. He is happy to work with teachers to link his presentations to their curriculum.


Dr. Aronson has lectured at Columbia, NYU, and other major universities, and met with young people at every variety of school from independent private schools such as Dalton (NYC),  St. Albans (Washington, DC), and Greenwich Country Day (CT) to public elementary, middle, and high schools in settings from inner cities and the wonderfully multicultural suburbs to some of the wealthiest districts in the country. He has been embedded for longer session at University High School in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and the Annunciation Orthodox School in Houston, Texas. While he particularly enjoys meeting and engaging with challenging, bright students who want to test their mental muscles, he is equally adept at engaging young people who did not think they liked nonfiction.


Available on request. Dr. Aronson’s rates always assume an honorarium plus all expenses and are defined by the time commitment a school asks him to make: how many presentations, how many students, with whom will he be speaking (middle grade, high school, advanced classes, teachers/adults), what is the travel time, will he need to stay overnight? He is always willing to sign books, and schools wishing to sell copies should arrange that with a local bookseller. Aronson publishes with many prominent houses including Candlewick; Simon & Schuster; Penguin; National Geographic; Macmillan; and Clarion. Schools which work closely with any of those publishers may be begin by speaking with their existing contacts.


  1. Tom Kim

    I’m a Humanities teacher in the Middle School at Burgundy Farm Country Day School in Alexandria, VA (just outside of Washington, DC). The theme for our 8th grade curriculum is “Voices of Change,” and we devote the first half of the year to imperialism and race and the second half of the year to the environmentalism movement (we use the 60’s as a pivot point). The summer reading assignment this year included _Sugar Changed the World_, and I myself also devoured _Race_. (As an aside, our 7th graders are reading _The Crucible_, and one of my colleagues has been raving about your book on the Salem Witch Trials).

    Would you be available sometime in the winter to talk to our 8th graders? January or February would be ideal. You would be speaking to a group of around 33 students on any topic you would feel would be appropriate (the connection between race and imperialism, what can be done about racism in our current society, the tie between India’s fight for independence and the Civil Rights movement in America, or whatever else you’d like…)

    Thanks for your consideration; I feel honored to ask.


  2. We’re planning our Spring lecture series and would love to have Dr. Aronson be a part of our program. We are a local independent adult school serving a school district with over 6700 students as well as the surrounding communities. Our school is located in Columbia High School in Maplewood New Jersey, less than two hours north of Rutgers and reachable by train from New York City. We have great venues for speakers and would like Dr. Aronson to bring his collection of non-fiction for young adults. We could follow his talk with a signing and sales program. We do pay honorariums and expenses. I would estimate we could generate an audience of about 300 for this event.

  3. marc

    will be in touch

  4. Nancy Evans

    I’m a young adult librarian and interested in having you speak in a one hour session slot at our annual Nassau/Suffolk conference on 5/1/14.

  5. Catherine Teehan

    Dear Mr. Aaronson,
    I would like to get some information from you regarding a school visit for our 8th grade. I envision an opening lecture and then a series of small group sessions, a “writer-in -residence if you will. I would expect this to take two or three days. If this type of visit is possible I would like to know what the total cost would be and what material you would cover.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Catherine Teehan

  6. Caitlin Chiller

    I am the first vice-president of the Montana Teachers of English Language Arts and affiliate of NCTE. We are planning our fall conference in Missoula, MT. October 16th & 17th and are looking for an author keynote speaker. This year’s conference is themed “What is a story?” and we are focusing on the use and integration of informational texts in K-12 classrooms. The audience would be approximately 150 teachers. Please let me know if you are available on either of those dates and your speaking fee.
    Thank you,
    Caitlin Chiller

  7. Hello Marc;
    Are you available to be a Keynoter at an Author Breakfast for the Michigan Association for Media in Education conference, Friday, October 24, 2014?

  8. Hello Mr. Aronson,

    I am a school librarian at Novi High School, a suburb of Detroit. I am thrilled that you will be speaking at our M.A.M.E. conference at the end of October and heard that you might be interested in visiting schools in the area in conjunction with your visit. I would love to have you visit my school and work with some of our students, possibly in small groups or workshops. If such a plan would interest you and fit into your schedule, please contact me with details and possibilities.

    Thank you!

  9. Jody Kopple

    I am a librarian at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA and would love to extend an invitation for you to come and work with students in our school. Several of the middle school teachers have approached me about using several of your books in their curriculum and would like to have you come talk about your research and combine that with a unit on writing narrative nonfiction and biography.

    I don’t know how booked up your schedule is for the fast approaching school year, but maybe we can find a time that works.

    Thank you,
    Jody Kopple

  10. Andrea

    Hi Marc,

    KPL is wondering if you might like to visit our library when you are in Ann Arbor for the MAME conference in October. Please let me know if you are interested, the cost, and what dates/times you might have available?



  11. Joan Reamer

    Dear Dr. Aronson,
    Caroline Ward, of the Ferguson Library and Pratt Institute, recommended you to us at Caldwell University (Caldwell, NJ). We are planning our 4th annual Literacy Conference on March 13, 2015 and would love to have you join us as a keynote speaker.
    Dr. Edith Ries is the Chair of this committee and asked me to reach out to you. Is there a possibility that you would be available and willing to participate in this wonderful event aimed at the elementary and middle school teachers of NJ?
    If there is someone that we should contact to plan this, please let me know.
    We anxiously await your reply.
    Best Regards,
    Joan Reamer
    Caldwell University
    Caldwell, NJ 07006
    Literacy Conference Planning Committee

  12. Dear Professor Aronson:

    I have read a number of your articles on line and wanted to briefly mention to you.

    On our site readers 13-17 via an auto audio and video verified recording demonstrate they have read any of the most recommended high school books. We have letters of support from many colleges who are tired of their SAT distorted world.

    We’re leaving it open to new registrants for free permanent access. In the future, I suppose, we may institute a subscription on future subscribers. It is very inexpensive to run except for adding more books. We may do that on Kickstarter.

    While trying to get my son to read, he said: “Dad, read a book, lose a friend.” So this is my little attempt to try and get teens to read.

    Thank you very much. Matt

  13. Miranda McDermott


    Here’s my blog about the kid lit salon at NYPL:


  14. Catherine Teehan

    Hello Mr. Aronson,
    I am reaching out to you in the hopes that you will be able to return to our school this year, sometime in the New Year( Jan/Feb). We thoroughly enjoyed your visit last year and look forward to an encore!
    Catherine Teehan

  15. Hi Marc,
    I am an upper elementary teacher at The Village School in Waldwick, New Jersey. We are currently reading aloud ‘Trapped’ to our students, and we are wondering if you are by any chance available to visit our school and talk to our students, perhaps some time next month?
    Many thanks,

  16. Socha Brown

    The Birmingham Public Schools would like to host an Author Visit with Marc Aronson being our author. Who should I contact to begin the process. We are looking for late fall early October 2015. My direct desk is (248) 203-4603

  17. Hello Dr. Aronson – I am currently in search of a non-fiction author to be an “author in residence” at our middle school in northern NJ. You have come highly recommended by a colleague in a nearby school. Please contact me so we can discuss this! Thanks.

  18. Dear Dr. Aronson,

    The Collingswood Book Festival Committee is currently planning for the 14th Annual Collingswood Book Festival to be held on Saturday,
    October 1, 2016. The Festival is held on Haddon Avenue in Collingswood from 10am to 4pm.
    We would like to invite you as one of our featured authors. Since your books cover a wide demographic, we know you would be an asset to this event. We can offer you a space for signing your books and greeting your readers. We do not offer an honorarium since we are an all volunteer, non- profit organization. Barnes and Noble have traditional been our book sellers but authors are permitted to bring and sell their own books as well.
    This year we are also offering an opportunity for our Middle Grade and
    Young Adult authors to participate in panel discussions targeting students, parents, teachers and librarians.

    We would love to have you join us and be a part of this unique literary event in South Jersey. We attract about 5,000 book lovers from the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.
    I look forward to hearing from you and if you decide to join us, I can provide you with additional information.
    Sidra Hobbs-Fernie
    Author Selection Committee

  19. Sarah Wasser

    Dr. Aronson,

    Our 9th graders (about 500 of them) will be reading your Witch Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials book next year and we want to know if you would be able to visit our school and speak. Would you be available during the month of April 2018?

  20. Cat Kerns

    White Pine Middle School has a “visiting authors” program that is becoming quite popular. I receive a lot of help choosing authors and managing reading events from the students in our “Page Turners” book club. I really enjoyed your presentation at the author breakfast for the Michigan Associaiton of Media in Education (MAME) conference a few years ago, so I think our kids would too. Please let me know if you would be interested in returning to Michigan.

  21. Kathryn Mathews

    I’m an ELA department head trying to plan a common read for our 9th and 10th grade classes and was interested in rates and scheduling. Please let me know more information you might need.

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