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Marc Aronson gives educational lectures that inspire young people and adults to ask questions, and discover new answers. Aronson has won many awards for his books for young readers and has a doctorate in American history. His lectures cover educational topics such as mysteries and controversies in American history, teenagers and their reading, the literary passions of boys, and always leave audiences asking for more.

Depending on need he can meet with individual K-12 classes, present to large assemblies, work with teachers, parents, administrators, or be embedded in a school for a longer stay in which he shares his work process and helps guide students in their research. He has crafted presentations around many of his books; a school interested in bringing him should look over his publications and see which area would be most useful. Because Dr. Aronson adapts his presentation to the particular needs of each school, he needs to know in advance the kind of events the school has in mind, the age of the students, the goals the school has for the visit, and what the students will be studying at the time. He is happy to work with teachers to link his presentations to their curriculum.


Dr. Aronson has lectured at Columbia, NYU, and other major universities, and met with young people at every variety of school from independent private schools such as Dalton (NYC),  St. Albans (Washington, DC), and Greenwich Country Day (CT) to public elementary, middle, and high schools in settings from inner cities and the wonderfully multicultural suburbs to some of the wealthiest districts in the country. He has been embedded for longer session at University High School in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and the Annunciation Orthodox School in Houston, Texas. While he particularly enjoys meeting and engaging with challenging, bright students who want to test their mental muscles, he is equally adept at engaging young people who did not think they liked nonfiction.


Available on request. Dr. Aronson’s rates always assume an honorarium plus all expenses and are defined by the time commitment a school asks him to make: how many presentations, how many students, with whom will he be speaking (middle grade, high school, advanced classes, teachers/adults), what is the travel time, will he need to stay overnight? He is always willing to sign books, and schools wishing to sell copies should arrange that with a local bookseller. Aronson publishes with many prominent houses including Candlewick; Simon & Schuster; Penguin; National Geographic; Macmillan; and Clarion. Schools which work closely with any of those publishers may be begin by speaking with their existing contacts.

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