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Dr. Aronson is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Library and Information Science, School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University. As such he regularly trains graduate students pursuing a Master of Information degree in how to select and use materials for children, materials for young adults, and international children’s books. He has made nonfiction and the demands of the Common Core State Standards a focus in all of his courses, and in a separate class entirely devoted to this crucial subject. More information about the Masters of Information program and Dr. Aronson’s courses may be found at Currently Dr. Aronson teaches students enrolled at Rutgers (or other schools who participate in the WISE consortium, . However Rutgers is considering developing a Professional Development or certificate program for professional librarians who seek further training in such areas as the implementation of the Common Core. Further information on the PD program will be posted here as those plans take shape. Students interested in Rutgers and/or in studying with Dr. Aronson should contact him at


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  2. marc


    I am a bit swamped with finishing up a book and teaching, but would be happy to do this in March

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