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For Boys Only: The Biggest Baddest Book Ever

for_boys_onlyAmazon’s #1 ranked book of nonfiction fun for boys! 160 pages of pure fun — puzzles to solve, how to fly an airplane, beat a shark, who would win if Romans battled Mongols, and every other brain-bending challenge HP and I could think of.

Want to have some fun? Maybe learn how to land an airplane in an emergency? Or fight off an alligator? Escape from being tied up? How about taking a ride on one of America’s scariest roller coasters? Learn how to make fake blood or turn a real bone into a pretzel. What if you could find out how to identify some of the world’s most horrifying creatures? Or learn the secret of making a blockbuster movie? What about guessing the top 11 greatest moments in sports history? Find buried treasure? And once you’ve found the treasure, find out just how much it would cost you to buy one of the world’s most expensive cars.

You’ll find all this – and much more – over 250 pages of the biggest, baddest, and best information on just about everything. Plus we’ve placed a special, mind-bending, solve-the-code puzzle on random pages throughout the book that will lead you to a really cool solution! Now, that’s fun!

Publishers Weekly

Filled with facts, puzzles, stats, stories and more, For Boys Only: The Biggest, Baddest Book Ever by Marc Aronson and HP Newquist offers up information on favorite subjects . . . Printed with black and red text and illustrated throughout, this graphically fresh and topically diverse collection should capture the imagination of its target audience.


In a tone both light and humorous, Newquist and Aronson aim to please by assembling a tantalizing assortment of codes, puzzles, best lists, brief history and science facts, instructions for fake blood and the ultimate Frisbee, and even advice about facing up to a shark (try not to bleed too much?) . . . this offers lots of good fun, and with so much chick lit available, it’s nice to see special attention being paid to boys. In fact, there’s nothing here to keep girls away but the title.


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  1. Toby

    Hi, I really enjoyed your book, For Boys Only, but I’m having trouble finding the website that it refers to, Is it still current or has it been closed down? Thanks in advance, Toby

  2. marc

    unfortunately the publisher no longer maintains that site, thanks for asking.

  3. Jacob Elspas

    i realize that this is an old post, but if you get this, i believe that i have solved the Puzzle Supreme in your book For Boys Only.

  4. Jack

    Well, is there any way we can still get a reward of some sort for completing the puzzles?

  5. marc


    I am thrilled at the thought that you have completed the puzzles — have you? I am afraid the publisher no longer offers a prize. Perhaps I can interest them in a new puzzle online, but that is a long shot.

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