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Common Core

Author, editor, publisher, and speaker Marc Aronson believes passionately in the power of great nonfiction – in building background knowledge, nourishing children’s interest in the real world, and helping young people become critical readers and thinkers. He has written history and biography books for middle school children and young adults, including books about the secrets of Stonehenge, the sugar trade (Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom, and Science), and the life of John Henry (Ain’t Nothing but a Man). His biography of Sir Walter Ralegh (Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado won the ALA’s first Robert L. Sibert Information Book Award for nonfiction and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award.

For some samples of Marc Aronson’s approach to the Common Core, see these interviews filmed by Reading Rockets (Click image):

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.05.38 PM

Dr. Aronson gives talks, conducts workshops, and holds webinars on the Common Core English Language Arts Standards adapted to the needs of teachers, librarians, parents, and book publishers. He believes these new standards, which have been adopted by 46 states, hold great promise to help young people become problem solvers, but they require us to think in new ways about reading, nonfiction, inquiry, and knowledge-creation.

Dr. Aronson’s regular column in School Library Journal, Consider the Source, often deals with the Common Core. He is a contributor to the multipart-series on the Common Core SLJ publishes each month, and the feature article on Common Core and Clustering that he wrote with Susan Bartle appears in the November, 2012 issue.

If you are interested in bringing Dr. Aronson to speak or conduct workshops on the Common Core, please contact Catherine Balkin at BalkinBuddies.

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  1. I slipped into your presentation for librarians Tuesday at the Kansas Historical Society. I am the curriculum specialist for KHS Educational Division. I have worked closely with the development of new Social Studies standards for Kansas this past year. I also present inservices across the state showing teachers how to connect Kansas College and Career Ready and the new Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies Standards. I found your presentation very informative and helpful. In fact I am preparing a two day presentation for the Kansas Dept. of Ed. Summer Academy next week and am going to include a clip from your website where you discuss letting students read informative books they are interested in not demanding they read on “their level.” I think this will really help to tie the “Common Core” and Social Studies together. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation, I am sorry I could not “slip” in for the entire day. Marcia

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